Thursday, September 12, 2013

Setup Heroku app with GoDaddy Domain

This tutorial will take you over steps on how to point a GoDaddy domain to your Heroku app.

Let's say your Heroku app's url is and your GoDaddy domain that you want it identified with is

First go to your Heroku app and add the domain as follows:
heroku domains:add www,
heroku domains:add

Edit the DNS Zone File for your domain on GoDaddy's Domain Manager. Have the CNAME record for www point to

Finally, you need to forward the root/bare/naked address of to forward to

For this, under the Domain Manager, hit the 'Manage' button and 'Update Forwarding' and have it forwarded to with only forwarding. You can try masking too however this puts your target page in an iframe and as a result your favicon will not load.

You should be all set.

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